Hospitalization/ICU/Critical Care


Hospitalization/ICU/Critical Care

When a dog or cat experiences a medical emergency, our first priority is to triage and stabilize our patient. Once stabilized, we can perform a physical examination and diagnostic testing to determine the underlying cause of the pet’s illness or the extent of an injury. We can then provide a variety of treatment options designed to safely and effectively address these issues.
In emergency situations, some pets are difficult to keep stabilized until they regain their strength. In these cases, we hospitalize the patient in our intensive care unit (ICU) to receive critical care from our highly experienced emergency veterinary staff.

What Is Critical Care?

Critical care is a type of care provided to patients that are very ill and in need of specialized treatment and monitoring. We provide critical care to our patients in the specially designed ICU of our animal hospital. This section of our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art veterinary technology that assists our experienced veterinary care staff with nursing, patient monitoring, and treatment.

Intensive Care Unit Treatments and Services

Our animal hospital is fully staffed and equipped to provide our patients with the treatments and therapies they need to stabilize their condition, diagnose their illness or injury, and provide them with curative treatments while they recover. Some of the services available to our hospitalized patients include:
If you have any questions about the specific treatments or therapies that are being provided to your dog or cat or your pet’s treatment progress, we welcome you to contact our office at any time.

Continuous Patient Monitoring Using State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our ICU is fully equipped with state-of-the-art patient monitoring systems designed to help our veterinary staff keep a close watch over all the patients in our care. This equipment is used to measure our patients’ vital signs and immediately alert us of any changes. The patient monitoring in our ICU includes:
The information provided by this monitoring helps our veterinary staff understand exactly how to stabilize a pet’s health condition to help them regain their strength and recover.

Advanced Care With Our Team of Experienced and Dedicated Veterinary Professionals

The staff at Veterinary Emergency Triage & Surgery is highly experienced and knowledgable, and we are proud to provide our ICU patients with exceptional critical care and support. To learn more about our pet hospital and intensive care unit, we welcome you to contact us today.